Blue Screen of Death Fix

Blue Screen of Death Fix

The dreaded “blue screen of death” is the worst nightmare of the computer user. You cannot do anything else until you correct it because, when you try, this message appears: “A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to the computer.” This is the kind of thing that can ruin your week.

General scenarios of the “Blue screen of death” problem and solutions for them, If it happens accidentally, restarting the computer could solve the problem.

  • The new drivers or the update of the computer can also cause the error, restoring the computer to the last backup can undo the recent changes of the system.
  • If you have installed a new program on your computer, and you have system compatibility with your computer, you may encounter this problem as well. You can try to reinstall / uninstall the program or restore the computer to return to normal.
  • A virus is another cause for this problem. You need to enter "Safe Mode" to detect the virus. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that the virus detection software is configured to scan the boot sector, the MBR and that it is completely updated.
  • To inappropriately turn off your computer, BIOS or hardware error, excessive junk files on your hard drive, these are other causes of the problem.

Best Simple Methods to Solve Blue Screen of Death

Method 1

Run Microsoft System Restore to restore your computer to the last work point.

Method 2

Execute Registry Recovery to restore the Registry to its initial state, this will solve the accidents caused by serious conflicts of system, software or hardware.

Method 3

Run a registry editor to resolve the individual registry conflict or remove the virus entry.

Method 4

This is the final solution if all the above does not work. Run the Windows and Office Key Finder to recover your Windows and Office key. Then, reinstall Windows and Office. You can also back up your data, initially, here. There are many scenarios that cause the "blue screen of death" problem. If the above tips can not solve your problem, I have two other solutions for you.

Fix Blue Screen of Death Quickly

Solve the blue screen of death in safe mode

This way is fast and works about 50% of the time, but it depends on how far your computer can start and your version of Windows. First, enter safe mode by pressing F8 at startup. Next, go to My Computer and right click on the disk (C 🙂 to select Properties from the drop-down menu. On the Tools tab, perform an error checking and disk cleanup. If this works, consider yourself lucky. If you do not, move on to method 2.

Repair the blue screen of death with a boot disk

If the safe mode is a dead end, try a boot disk. There are many tools in the market that will help you to resolve the blue screen of death, in a short time, with a CD or USB by using the 3rd party tools. The tool helps you get a healthy system from another computer and use it to repair your system with errors. And if you worry about the loss of data on your computer with the "blue screen of death", those tools are even capable of recovering data from your hard drive.

Step 1: Burn bootable disk.

You need to install 3rd party software and run the program on a working computer, then insert a blank CD or USB device into the computer where you have installed. Just one click to burn a bootable CD, or a USB drive, in the interface as follows.

Step 2: Start your computer from LiveBoot CD / USB

Insert the Bootable CD or USB into the computer. Then start your computer. When the system starts charging, press F12 to go to the Boot Device Menu. Select the USB CD-ROM option, then you will be in front of the boot menu and choose boot from CD.

Step 3: Solve the blue screen of death quickly and easily

After starting your computer, go to "Windows Recovery" and select the "Load problem solution" tab, this can help you solve the blue screen problem with ease. This tab contains four methods. Try them one by one until you can start Windows successfully.

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